Hey there!  I just finished a new song.

Here’s a quick one.

Ruben Studdard exists.  Like…he’s actually a person.

A high cadavery of Solo-Ga Grantham.

"I wear this pendant round my neck
to signify the end of death…”

Here is a new song!  This one is rather warlike in it’s integrity.

A song was covered.  Here it is now, lol.

Here is a relatively new song.

Here is a new song.  It’s kind of a creepy one and part of me is a bit wary of sharing it because in it I’ve used a vocal sample of Charles Manson.  Starting out I didn’t plan on using his voice, but somewhere along the line it seemed like the right fit.

I’m not sure if I’m trying to make a statement about Manson or not.  I’m reluctant to say much about him because of the strong reactions he often brings forth from people.  I think the song is more about ‘madness’ in general and not restricted to Manson and his followers.

I think there’s a tendency to want to write off certain people by calling them ‘insane’ or ‘mad’.  But in doing so, we shirk the responsibility of having to really listen, think, and attempt to understand where they’re coming from.

A timelapse of a recent drawing.  It’s a Gucci.

A hyper-linguistic spaceship docking on the synaptic crest of a small landborn mammalian specimen.